Dec 26 '11

Minimalist Timer

by Mark

Why?: I stumbled upon this app and thought it looked amazing. It’s extremely simple and does just what it should. I’ve written about it on my own site.

Minimalist Timer

I have beep set to on because I use this app mostly for timing my tea while it steeps and I might do something outside the app while I’m doing this, so I want to be notified about when my tea is done whether I’m in the app or not. The beep in silent mode option doesn’t really apply to me, since I’m using this app on an iPod Touch. I have the sound set to “Big Ben”, I think it sounds nicest. I have the advertisement turned on in the screenshot, but since taking it I have turned it off. I had already bought the in-app purchase when I took the screenshot, but had thought it would be automatically turned off.

Auto-start the timer is on, I don’t see the reason why I would need to start the timer manually.

Auto-hide controls is on, I like having the controls fade out and being left with a simple interface without having to do anything. Auto-dim controls is also on.

Double-tap to reset is on, though I’ve never used this feature. I’ve just left it at its default.

Pressing the plus or minus buttons increases or decreases the time by 1 minute, which is a great default for me.

I have the three one-click timers set to one minute, two minutes, and four minutes (60, 120, and 240 seconds). These work best for me because they make it easy for me to set a time for my tea with just a few taps.

I have the zero-touch timer feature (auto-start a timer when you open the app) set to off, I like having control over what time I’m setting, and I don’t usually set the same timer many times.

Nov 27 '11

by Mark

First, a quick note:

We apologize for the lack of posts as of late. Klifton has been on a bit of a hiatus which has left the website to me. Klifton has a bunch of posts planned, which I’m sure he’ll be able to post once he is able to work more on the site again. But, until then, I’m the one in charge and will be trying to post as much as I can. Of course, submissions would help a lot with keeping the site updated!

Why?: Transmit is really the best FTP app out there. I’ve used Cyberduck, and it was alright. But Transmit is so much better, and well worth the price!



Of course I want Transmit to be my default FTP client!

I like my windows to open by default to my website’s FTP connection. I don’t use a two-paned window because I don’t have any use for it, really.

I usually don’t use Transmit’s own file editor (I usually open files in MacVim) but if I do use Transmit’s editor, I want to use 10pt Monaco: My absolute favorite monospace font. I use that same font in, TextEdit, MacVim, and now Transmit!

I like to have the Transmit icon in the menubar so I can quickly mount and go to my website’s FTP drive-type-thing that Transmit does (which is awesome).

I don’t have my favorites being synced with MobileMe since I don’t have any other Macs.



I like to be asked before I delete something, just in case I screw up.

I prefer to edit files when I double-click. I almost never connect to an FTP server just to download a file.

Keep the list font size small. I have perfect eyesight.

Open any .css, .html, and .php files in MacVim. Just to make sure the system’s default file association doesn’t keep these from opening in MacVim.



Always ask me what to do. I like to make sure I don’t mess anything up.

Don’t limit any bandwidth, I don’t really need to.

Transfer up to 5 files at once. This is just the default and seems pretty reasonable to me.

Use passive transfers. This is the default and I don’t know exactly what it does so I just leave it where it is.

Don’t open files after downloading. I’ll decide how I want to open it. The system’s file association may not be what I want.

Don’t play any sound. I get growled at when a file is done downloading.

Everything from there on is just at the default.


I don’t have anything here, so no screenshot.


Nothing here, either.


Again, nothing.

Oct 14 '11

by Mark.

Why?: Twitterrific is my choice in Twitter client mostly because it has support for Tweet Marker, a really nice service that Twitter applications can plug into that allows your tweets to be synchronized between devices. I am currently using the free version of Twitterrific, and so I have to deal with ads and not being able to use multiple accounts.

I prefer the Dark theme, it’s easy on the eyes, especially at night.

Don’t include global trends in the sidebar. I don’t even show the sidebar.

Small font size. I can see perfectly well, and don’t need any larger of a font than this.

Refresh at the shortest interval possible. I like to keep updated. It would probably help my productivity if I set this to a larger value, or if I just quit Twitterrific altogether.

Don’t show real names. Not sure why, but I prefer to show tweets with usernames. Maybe because I know people better by their username rather than their real name.

Show mentions from everyone in my timeline. I don’t get mentioned by anyone, really, so I don’t see any issue with this.

Show ads, can’t change this off.

No hotkey to bring up the window, I don’t use it that much to do so.

Don’t open links in the background. I only click links if I intend to read them, not if I want to be all CLICK CLICK CLICK and have a ton of browser tabs open in the background.

Only Growl about mentions. I don’t want to be notified about every tweet. And I don’t want to be notified about messages, either. I don’t get any of those and I get confused as to whether it’s notifying me about a mention or a message.

Only show in the dock. I don’t need a menubar icon.

Oct 8 '11
Here’s to the crazy ones.

(via @hotdogsladies)

Here’s to the crazy ones.

(via @hotdogsladies)

(via klifton)

Oct 6 '11

(via klifton)

Sep 9 '11

Don’t Forget to Submit!

Don’t forget to submit your own preferences! You can either use the site’s built in submissions form or you can send an email to These submissions can either be for iOS or Mac apps. We do not post Windows app preferences right now, but if you submit one, it’ll be saved for if we ever want to post those!

Remember to include these things in your post:

  • The name of the app the preferences are for.

  • A screenshot of the preferences window only, not the entire screen.

  • A short description as to why you use this app.

  • An explanation as to why you chose the preferences you did.

Remember that we have the final say as to what gets published and what doesn’t. If your post doesn’t meet the above guidelines, we probably won’t publish it. We also reserve the right to edit your post for grammar, punctuation, etc. But we will always try our best to retain as much of the original submission as we can.

Sep 2 '11


by Mark

Why?: I honestly don’t use it all that much, but Verbs is an extremely nice AIM client for iOS. So simple, and so useful.

Autocorrect and autocapitalize are on. I honestly like autocorrect, and without it everything I typed would make me look like a drunken idiot. When I type on iOS, everything is off, but autocorrect seems to always correct it perfectly.

No emoticons, send button, or inverted orientation. Emotes are silly, I like having plain-text ones. No send button, there is one where the enter key is, I just use that. No inverted orientation, either, I never hold my iPod Touch upside down.

No background alert. I have push notifications enabled, so this doesn’t really matter.

Aug 22 '11


by Mark

Why?: Often times I find articles on the internet that I want to read, but I sometimes don’t have time to read it. Instapaper is perfect for that. It lets me save an article and then read it later when I have the time.

Dark mode is off by default, but it gets turned on at night, as you’ll see later.

No rotation. I never read anything in landscape.

I prefer pagination for scrolling. It’s easier for me since I don’t constantly have to keep scrolling, all I have to do is read a page, and then swipe.

I have a couple of sharing accounts set up, like Twitter and Tumblr.

Show the browse bar. I like seeing others’ liked items and such.

Update automatically. Automatic updates in any application are awesome.

Switch to dark mode at night. This is my favorite feature of Instapaper. It uses your current location to get the sunset time. It then uses this to switch to dark mode at night.

Download 500 articles. I haven’t really changed this since I haven’t ever needed to.

Archive deleted articles. I still want to keep articles I delete, just in case I need to come back to them later.

Sort articles by newest first. Again, not really something I’ve needed to customize. It works just fine for me.

Open links in Safari. I prefer to use this, since Safari seems to be faster to me than any in app browser.

Flip pages only on swipes, not on taps on the side of the screen. I always swipe to change pages, so I don’t want to accidentally flip pages by hitting the side of the screen.

Tilt scrolling direction is normal. I ever actually use tilt scrolling, so I’ve just left this at the default.

Be helpful with the prompts. I love the small prompt that comes up when you hit the status bar to go to the top of the screen that asks if you want to stay at the top, or go back. I also love the other prompts that Instapaper gives.

Aug 20 '11


by Christopher.

Writeroom is so polished, simple, clean, and beautiful, that it has easily become my favorite text editor on iOS. Here are the preferences I use. The initial settings pane on Writeroom 3.0 for iOS has five options: Dropbox, Fonts and Clors, TextExpander, Advanced, and Help. This may be too much for some people who enjoy the minimal thing, but I tend to ignore a few of the preferences and just use the software. The Dropbox settings are straightforward so no there’s use discussing them. All I have to say is that having Dropbox integration is a must and WR offers it. Similarly, there’s no use discussing the preferences to a program I use on the Mac but not iOS, TextExpander, because it is so straightforward. But the “Fonts and Colors” and “Advanced” options can be quite useful and worthy of tweakage.

Fonts & Colors

I use Georgia. There are many to choose from, but with most other fonts I feel like I’m looking at a font, not my words. 20 point is big, but fills the screen nicely. The line spacing for me is 1.1 although I can go as far up to 1.3 depending on the font. The text and background colors I keep at black on white. I liked it the other way at first, but then remembered that I had my iPhone and iPad accessibility settings so that when I triple click the home button, the colors reverse. I love being able to quickly go from “day” to “night” this way; it is so much faster than entering the prefs pane. “Tint Text Cursor” is set to off because again it is too distracting, like the wrong font. Writeroom also has its own brightness controls, which I leave full. (not shown) There is an “interface tint,” which I keep down at about 10%.


I sort “Name Up” alphabetically. That’s just me. Same with folders. I keep the autocorrection set to default which is also “on” in the system perfs. It’s a bit strange that there are three options here, but whatever. Better to have spell-check on than off. I don’t need a passcode because my device is locked and I have a separate app for my journal. Status off because I want to write, not see the batter level and/or time. I like the customization here, though. “Detect links” is on by default because while I don’t write too many URLs, which would make this distracting, occasionally I want to see what I am linking to. The “draggable scroller” is always on for me because some docs get very long and Hog Bay Software was kind enough to put in a scroller that lets me go up and down super fast. This feature show’s the care and precision of the app. And the final setting is “Lock Orientation.” Like brightness control, this is a separate feature but I leave be, just like the brightness. All and all there are perhaps too many preferences. One can spend way too much time tweaking and not working. But once you “set and forget em” (Ron Popeil’s voice, there) the app itself disappears and the writing is all you see. This is the hallmark of a good program.

Aug 15 '11

Before you submit

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  1. Your post needs to contain

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